Monday, November 20, 2006

Your face here

Would you like to be adopted by a global megastar? Send me a jpeg of yourself lookin real smart and answer the following questions and we'll have you in Beverley Hills for Xmas!

Place of residence:
Special skills:
Reason you would like to be adopted:
Who you would like to be adopted by:

send it to Dan (at)


Name - Mickey Munden

Current Residence - Cape Town

Age - 4 years old

Special Skills - Dynamic entrepreneur, snappy dresser, expert cuddler, professional room freshener, four legged anti depressant, black & white, bodyguard and chaperone, incredibly photogenic.

Adopt me because - I love to travel, I am easy to be with, I only eat chicken and biltong, I love long walks on the beach and shnuggling, I am romantic, I am sensitive, I am carefree, I have the ability to stop traffic, I am very pleasing to they eye, I smell 50% like rose petals and 50% like Fritos corn chips, I make like interesting, I am the perfect accessory, I provide and design clothes for the human soul, I have 700 facial expressions.

Would like to be adopted by - Dolly Parton (she looks very loving and her breasts look like nice pillows), Will Young (cos he is a gay), Robbie Williams, Brittany Spears, Gene Simmons, Oprah Winfrey (cos she's really really rich), Richard Branson, Summer from the OC, Meredith from Gray's Anatomy ( I could make her happy), Aiden from Sex and the City (Carrie was dumb and should have picked him!), Karen from Will & Grace.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Name: Lucky

Current residence: Cape Town

Age: 31

Special skills: Violin grade 1, swimming, I can tell when a pineapple is ripe, dancing (i dance real good), singing , clapping in time, make a mean humous

Adopt me because: I'm sick of being attacked by Ligers (cross between a Lion and a Tiger, more common than you might think!) when I go to the supermarket. I've also alway felt that there was going to be more to life than sitting in tropical sunshine and climbing palm trees to get coconuts. Also can't get good Guiness here - the local stuff is made in Namibia and it totally sucks. Broadband is also really expensive so i'd like to have that and there is no local itunes shop. I mean really this is the 21st Century and everything. Also lots of tell me i'm a whole bunch of fun - i can do hysterical foriegn accents, and dance like Michael in Thriller (except the moonwalking bit never managed that although i'll practice real hard if you like).

Would like to be adopted by: Paris Hilton, Jay Z, Kelis, Kylie, Gwen Stefani or Fergie (Black Eyed Peas). But look if you have a SUV and a home in California that's a good start i'm not that picky!